Kyoto Premium Tea Experiences


What is "Kyoto Premium Tea Experience"?

The best Kyoto experience for all five senses.

Japanese tea has a history of 800 years. And Uji tea in Kyoto is particularly renowned as a high-grade tea production area. This fall, we will hold a limited time event to experience the finest tangible and intangible culture in Uji, Kyoto.Let the Japanese tea culture stimulate your senses.

There are three types of experience events. We provide multilingual support (local information is available in English only) so that foreign visitors traveling in Japan can also enjoy the experience. Enjoy Japanese culture more deeply. The duration and venues vary from plan to plan, but it is possible to purchase more than one experience, You can also purchase more than one experience.

10/21 Tea Master Plan (Day)
Luxury Plan (Night)

Access to Uji

From the Kyoto area, Uji can be reached in 20 to 30 minutes by Keihan train or JR line.
During the day, visitors can experience a tea ceremony at Obaku Manpukuji Temple, and at night they can enjoy a special nighttime viewing at Byodoin Temple in Uji. The moon can be seen floating on the Uji River from NAKAMURA TOKICHI Byodoin Store. We hope you will experience the peaceful climate and leisurely flow of time typical of Uji, Kyoto, through tea and all five senses.


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