Kyoto Premium Tea Experiences


Luxury Plan

Special visit to World Heritage Site "Byodoin" to experience the finest Japanese traditional culture

Japanese tea has a history of 800 years. And Uji tea in Kyoto is particularly renowned as a high-grade tea production area. This year, "Kyoto Premium Tea Experiences" will be held for a limited time in Uji to touch the heart of the Japanese people through tea at Byodoin, a national treasure with a thousand-year history and a World Heritage Site. We will offer our guests from all over the world a premium experience that can only be experienced in Uji, Kyoto, Japan.(Limited to 4 days from October 18 to 21, 2023)


Wednesday, October 18 - Saturday, October 21, 2023
Byodoin Temple:16:00-21:30

Overview of Experience

We will offer a dinner at Byodoin, a World Heritage Site and National Treasure, where you can enjoy a marriage of the highest quality tea and Kyoto's Uji cuisine, along with a cultural experience of the highest quality.

Byodoin Houou-do is impressive in its splendor and opulence, as if it were a temple standing in the Pure Land of Paradise.This plan is a VIP tour with an attendant interpreter, limited to 20 persons each day.You can visit the interior of "Yorin-an Shoin", which are usually closed to the public, and "Houou-do" with a commentary by the priest.The experience of visiting the Houou-do, illuminated by the western sun at dusk, is sure to be unforgettable.

Afterwards, you can also visit “The Museum Hoshokan" with a commentary by the chief priest.You will then visit the illuminated Houou-do from the garden while listening to a live performance of Gagaku, an ancient Japanese traditional music. At the end of the tour, you will have a special dinner at a tea house and enjoy a tea ceremony with tea served in the open air.

This plan is a cultural experience of the "top choice" and the highest quality tea experience that can only be experienced here in Japan.Only 20 people per day will be given priority admission with full attendant with interpreter.Please enjoy the best time in Kyoto, Japan through an experience that stimulates all five senses.


Contents of Experience

Wednesday, October 18 - Saturday, October 21, 2023

16:00 -
Byodoin Houou-do Closed Area "Yorin-an Shoin" Special Open House & Commentary by Priest
16:40 -
"Houou-do" Special Open House and commentary
17:15 -
Full attendance at “The Museum Hoshokan" with special commentary
18:00 -
Viewing of "Houou-do" illuminated in the Byodoin Garden (with live Gagaku music)
19:00 -
Full course tea ceremony by "Kyoto Cuisine by Chikurin Byodoin-Omotesando"
20:30 -
Nodate (light tea ceremony) using the finest matcha green tea. *Matcha (thin green tea) using carefully selected premium tea leaves will be served. (May be held indoors in case of rain)

*Full attendant with interpreter/guide / Special priority guide


80,000 yen (tax included)


Limited to 20 participants/day


16:00 - 21:30

Details of Experience

Visiting the inside of Houou-do, which is usually closed to the public, with a commentary by the priest © Byodoin Temple

Special access to secret areas for VIPs

We will meet at the "South Gate" of Byodoin for a special entrance (please note that this is different from the regular Main Gate).From 4:00 p.m., you will have a special opportunity to visit the inside of " Yorin-an Shoin" and "Houou-do", which are normally closed to the public, with full assistance of the priest and an interpreter/guide.This is a very special opportunity to visit the Houou-do, which is said to be an "ideal paradise" and to contemplate the Amida Nyorai Buddha at the time of sunset. You should also try to imagine the “ideal paradise”.

Exhibits in Hoshokan © Byodoin Temple

Admission to Byodoin “The Museum Hoshokan"

Inside the Hoshokan, a museum located on the Byodoin grounds, visitors can see a number of valuable cultural properties, including the National Treasure Bonbokan (temple bell), the Phoenix and Unchu Kuyo Bosatsu statues, an important cultural property, a standing image of the eleven-faced Kannon (Goddess of Mercy), and Heian period devil tiles.Visitors can also view colorful reconstructed images of the interior of the Houou-do using computer graphics that employ the latest digital technology. Visitors can enter the museum, which is also popular as "another Byodoin" revived by modern science. It is possible to take a tour while receiving a special explanation from the chief priest.

The Houou-do illuminated at night © Byodoin Temple

View the lighting up of the Houou-do while listening to Gagaku (traditional Japanese court music) performances

After viewing the National Treasures at the Museum, visitors will have priority viewing of the illuminated Houou-do from the Byodoin Garden, which is also designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty in Japan.The National Treasures are exceptionally beautiful when viewed while listening to Gagaku, an ancient Japanese form of music.

Kyo Kaiseki

Kyo-kaiseki dinner using tea and Uji local foods at Byodoin's tea house

After fully enjoying the tangible culture, you can enjoy the intangible culture of Japanese food"Washoku".Kyoto-style kaiseki (full course), using tea and ingredients from Uji, will be created and served only for this occasion by the famous restaurant "Chikurin Byodoin-Omotesando".

The finest tea served at Byodoin © Byodoin Temple

Providing Japanese tea by a tea instructor in the open air (nodate)

At the end of the finest cultural experience, you will be served matcha (powdered green tea) using an original blend of premium tea leaves, carefully selected by the master of the tea house, who is well versed in the Japanese tea ceremony belonging to Byodoin. (Includes two kinds of original dried confections by Chabo Toka) The tea will be presented at a tea ceremony in the open air for a more atmospheric experience. (*In case of rain, the tea may be served indoors.)

This tour is a rare opportunity to "see," "hear," "smell," "taste," and "touch" Japanese culture. We hope you will experience the special "Kyoto" beyond the five senses and feel it with your heart.

A translation guide will attend

One translation guide (English only) will be provided per couple. We also have multilingual staff on the route, so please feel free to ask them if you need any assistance.


World Heritage Byodoin Temple

116 Uji-Renge, Uji-shi, Kyoto 611-0021, Japan +81-774-21-2861
※For inquiries about this event, please contact JTB Kyoto Chuo Branch +81-75-284-0184

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※About Parking Lots

Byodoin does not have a dedicated parking lot.Please use one of several coin-operated parking lots nearby or the privately operated "Uji Parking Lot" in front of the Byodoin South Gate.

世界遺産 平等院

What is the World Heritage Site "Byodoin"?

Byodoin Temple, one of the World Heritage Sites, is located in Uji City in the south of Kyoto Prefecture.The temple is visited by more than one million people a year from Japan and abroad.It was founded in 1052 by Yorimichi Fujiwara, the chief priest of the time, and the Amida-do (now Houou-do) was built the following year in 1053.Houou-do is widely known as the design of the 10-yen coin, and the back of the current 10,000-yen bill features the symbolic image of Houou-do, making it one of the temples that are very familiar to Japanese people.
During the Heian period (794-1185), when Pure Land Buddhism flourished, a popular folk song went around, "If you doubt the existence of the Pure Land of Paradise, go to Byodoin Temple to pray. Many people visited Byodoin and were fascinated by its splendor.One thousand years later, Byodoin has been repeatedly restored and protected by the people, and its precious cultural assets still shine beautifully today.

*Please note that the regular nighttime viewing is held only during special periods and is not held throughout the year. In addition, special arrangements are made only for this event, such as "tea ceremony by Nodate", "Kyo Kaiseki", "Gagaku", "foot lighting", and "multilingual guides".



80,000 yen (per person/tax included)
Fee includes: Special admission fee, meals, beverages, interpreter
Number of participants
2 people minimum, 20 people maximum
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation 5 days or more before the event: 50% of the reservation fee
Cancellation 3 days or more before the event: 70% of the reservation fee
Cancellation 1 day before the event: 100% of the reservation fee
What to bring / What to wear
Nothing in particular
Payment method
Credit card Payment in advance
Participation Requirements
12 years old and up
Reservation deadline
Until 23:59 on the day before the event date *Sales end as soon as the tickets are sold out.
Special Notes and Disclaimer
・The event may be cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances.
・Please contact us in advance if you have any food allergies. (Halal, vegan, etc.) We will take this into consideration when serving the meal.
*Please note that soybean flour (kinako) and chestnuts (nuts) may be included in the tea sweets.
・Please note that tea and dishes contain high levels of caffeine, so if you have a condition that makes it difficult for you to sleep, please be aware of this before registering.