Kyoto Premium Tea Experiences


Tea Master Plan

Fucha cuisine and top-quality presented tea experience at Manpukuji Temple Oubaku-san.

Japanese tea has a history of 800 years. And Uji tea in Kyoto is particularly renowned as a high-grade tea production area.This fall, "Kyoto Premium Tea Experiences" will be held for a limited time in the non-public area of Obakusan Manpukuji Temple, one of the most important cultural properties in Uji, to touch the heart of the Japanese people through tea.

We will welcome visitors from all over the world with premium experiences that can only be experienced in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. (Only on October 21, 2023).

Saturday, October 21, 2023 only Manpukuji Temple Obaku-san 11:00-15:45

Overview of Experience

We will offer special "Fucha cuisine" and the highest quality tea experience in the premium setting of the non-public venue (an important cultural asset) of Obakuzan Manpukuji Temple.On the day of the event, you will have the opportunity to meet many tea merchants (tea professionals) from Uji, Kyoto, and taste their offerings of premium teas brewed in their own unique ways.In addition, in limited quantities, you can also enjoy "Fucha Ryori," a vegetarian dish (without meat or fish) from Manpukuji Temple.

We welcome guests from all over the world with a special experience to feel and taste Kyoto with all five senses.

Contents of Experience

Saturday, October 21, 2023 (limited)

Tea Ceremony Experience Only

  • Visit Obakuzan Manpukuji Temple
  • Tea Ceremony by Tea Merchant (choose 3 seats from 8 tea masters in the morning / 8 tea masters in the afternoon)

3,000 yen (tax included)


88 persons / 1 day


11:00 - 15:45

Tea experience time
[Morning session]
①11:00-11:30 ②11:45-12:15 ③12:30-13:00
[Afternoon session]
④13:45-14:15 ⑤14:30-15:00 ⑥15:15-15:45

*10:00~Manpukuji Temple admission desk opens
*Reception for tea ceremony begins at 10:30 (first-come, first-served)

Tea Ceremony + Fucha Cuisine

  • Visit Obakuzan Manpukuji Temple
  • Tea ceremony by a tea merchant (choose 3 seats from 8 tea masters in the morning or 8 tea masters in the afternoon)
  • *Fucha Cuisine(served on a large plate for 4 persons, to be shared)

12,000 yen (tax included)


40 persons / day


11:00 - 15:45

Tea experience time
[Morning session]
①11:00-11:30 ②11:45-12:15 ③12:30-13:00
[Afternoon session]
④13:45-14:15 ⑤14:30-15:00 ⑥15:15-15:45

*10:00~Manpukuji Temple admission desk opens
*Reception for tea ceremony begins at 10:30 (first-come, first-served)

Fucha cuisine serving time
12:30-13:30 *Please gather at the hall “Saido” by 12:30.

Details of Experience

"Tohojo" where the tea ceremony is held
Karesansui (dry landscape garden) stretches across from the tea ceremony venue

Use of the secret area of Obakuzan Manpukuji Temple as a special venue

The buildings on the premises of Obakuzan Manpukuji Temple are arranged in the Chinese Ming Dynasty style. *The temple is located within a 5-minute walk from JR Obaku Station (or Keihan Obaku Station).There is no other temple in Japan that has been preserved in its original form. As a representative Zen temple complex, 23 main buildings, cloisters, and plaques are designated as National Important Cultural Properties of Japan.We will guide you to the most prestigious of these buildings (including areas normally closed to the public) as the venue.

Image of the tea ceremony experience (may differ from the actual event)
"Shouindo," which is closed to the public, will also be used as a venue

Various tea ceremony experiences by tea merchants in Uji, Kyoto

Japanese tea has a history of 800 years. Uji tea in Kyoto is especially well known as a high-end tea production area, and there are many tea merchants (professionals in tea production and product selection).On the day of the event, tea professionals will gather together to offer a cup of tea brewed with what each tea merchant considers to be the best tea leaves and the best tea brewing method.The tea varieties, such as matcha, sencha, and gyokuro, will vary depending on the tea merchant. Tea seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis in the order of arrival on the day of the event.Each person can also enjoy three 30-minute tea ceremonies per tea service.

Fucha cuisine *Contents may change depending on the season

Fucha cuisine for 40 people only

In addition, guests who purchase the 12,000 yen (B) plan will be able to enjoy Fucha cuisine.Fucha cuisine is a vegetarian cuisine introduced from China by Zen Master Ingen.It does not contain meat or fish, and eating it is considered part of the ascetic training.The four people sit at a table, with no upper or lower seats, and eat the food in harmony, without leaving any food behind.

Please enjoy the simple, Zen-like spirit of the tradition and flavors of more than 300 years of experience.

Corridor connecting various venues
Garden seen from the teahouse of "Shouindo"

Tangible and intangible Japanese culture that can be felt with all five senses

The Mampukuji Temple is built in the Chinese Ming Dynasty style, but you can also sense the Japanese "wabi-sabi" atmosphere. The seasonal settings, sounds, smells, and spaces are also something to experience as you tour the various venues. and space as you tour the various venues.

English-speaking staffing

In order for you to enjoy the delicate culture of Japan without any worries, we have English-speaking staff at each location. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems.


Obakusan Manpukuji Temple

34, Sanbanwari, Gokesho, Uji, Kyoto 611-0011, Japan +81-774-32-3900
※For inquiries about this event, please contact JTB Kyoto Chuo Branch +81-75-284-0184

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※About Parking Lots

Manpukuji Temple Parking Lot
25-29, Gokesho Sanbanwari, Uji City, Kyoto, 611-0011, Japan +81-774-32-3900

Obaku-zan Manpukuji Temple

What is Obaku-zan Manpukuji Temple ?

Obakuzan Manpukuji Temple was founded in 1661 by the Chinese monk Ingen Ryuki.The architecture of Obakuzan is a temple layout in the Chinese Ming Dynasty style.In addition to architecture and art, many foods and culture were brought to Japan by Zen Master Ingen Ryuki, including "Ingen-mame".It is said that he influenced Japanese culture in general during the Edo period.
Fucha Ryori, a Chinese-style vegetarian meal, differs in image from the Japanese vegetarian meal (a simple meal eaten daily by Zen monks).The dishes are beautifully presented, high in protein, low in calories, and nutritional value, and the meaning of Fucha Ryori is to enjoy and appreciate the food with those who share the table with you.

*Special set-up for this event only, including the "tea ceremony experience" and "multilingual guides".Please note that although Fucha ryori can be enjoyed throughout the year, it will only be served at the closed venue.



(A) 3,000 yen (per person/tax included) for tea experience only
*Included in the price: Tour fee, tea ceremony fee
(B) 12,000 yen (person/tax incl.) Tea ceremony + Fucha cuisine
*Included in the price :Tour fee, tea ceremony fee , and cuisine
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation 5 days or more before the event: 50% of the reservation fee
Cancellation 3 days or more before the event: 70% of the reservation fee
Cancellation 1 day before the event: 100% of the reservation fee
What to bring / What to wear
Nothing in particular
Payment method
Credit card Payment in advance
Participation Requirements
(A) 7 years old and up (free for children under 7 years old *applicable for admission only / accompanied by a parent or
guardian) (B) 12 years old and older
Reservation deadline
Until 23:59 on the day before the event date *Sales end as soon as the tickets are sold out.
Special Notes and Disclaimer
・The event may be cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances.
・Please contact us in advance if you have any food allergies. (Halal, vegan, etc.)
We will take this into consideration when serving the meal.
*Please note that soybean flour (kinako) and chestnuts (nuts) may be included in the tea sweets.
・Please note that tea and dishes contain high levels of caffeine, so if you have a condition that makes it difficult for you to sleep, please be aware of this before registering.

*Reservations cannot be made in advance for the tea ceremony experience (3 seats). Reservations will be accepted at Manpukuji Temple on the day of the event from 10:30 (first-come, first-served). Please note that we may not be able to seat you at the tea ceremony with the tea master of your choice. We recommend early reservations even if you wish to attend only in the afternoon. *These tickets allow you to enjoy 3 seats at the tea ceremony, but do not guarantee you 3 seats.